amy luise daneel |ˈamə luːˈiːz dän-ēl |


ORIGIN late 20th century: Cape Town, South Africa


1 Female,

• exceptionally intelligent

• possesses great creative power

• consumes compliments

“Wow, that girl’s so amazing, she must be an Amy”


2 Film and Video Picture Editor

• the Amy breed has been contained in a post-production suite, originally in Cape Town, South Africa and

  recently migrating to London, UK

• fluent in Final Cut Pro; second language, Photoshop

• diet consists of commercials, music videos and documentary (television, corporate, behind-the-scenes and

  sports);  objective to introduce a variety of long-format feature films and documentary.

• originally discovered at the University of Cape Town, majoring in Film, Media and English and later at City

  Varsity, majoring in Directing.

• occasionally name drops: “Vice“, “BBD Perfect Storm“, “Moonlighting Film Services“, “Oliver Hermanus“,

  “Kerri Davenport-Burton“, “Four23“, Golden Planes“, “Publicis“, “Leoburnett”, “Crispin Porter + Bogusky“,

  “Jupiter Drawing Room“, “Cooked in Africa